How to Start an LLC - Important Steps to Take

When you are looking for a business that can benefit from the exemption provided by limited liability, one of the best options available is to register an LLC. LLCs offer the advantages of limited liability while maintaining the benefits of being your own business. The best time to incorporate an LLC is in the year when you file your first tax year. 

how to start an llc

How To Start An LLC

You do not need to obtain any additional licenses or permits when you incorporate an LLC. All that you will need is a simple notice published in a newspaper that states your intent to form an LLC. Any member of the LLC may submit their tax information to the IRS on your behalf. All of the necessary paperwork will be submitted when you file your personal income tax return. Since LLCs are not required to be filed with the IRS, your filing will be treated as if it were your personal income tax return. You can also learn more about how to start an LLC for your business from the given link.

As an individual, you will not be taxed on your investment in an LLC. In most cases, an LLC is treated as a pass-through entity for state taxes. This means that your share of the profit from your business will be taxed as an individual income tax, not as part of the entity itself. All LLCs must register with the state before they can begin operating. If the state requires an additional license or permit, they will inform the LLC owners and they can choose whether or not to purchase those permits prior to incorporating.

How To Start An LLC - The Advantages You Need To Know As A Starter

Aside from not having to pay state taxes on the LLC income, there are other significant advantages. Being treated as a pass-through entity allows you to have much more flexibility with regard to how you conduct your business. You will not be required to obtain any additional licenses or permits. Your turnover and sales tax will not be affected. You will not be required to obtain a certificate of authority or any other official identification for your business licenses.

Another key takeaway on how to start an LLC is that being treated as a pass-through entity can benefit you tremendously if you want to incorporate it as a sole proprietorship or any other business structure. When you form an LLC, you are creating legal fiction. Your personal assets are shielded from being taxed until you begin paying them. You do not need to obtain any additional licenses or permits. All of these things greatly simplify the process of incorporating.

There are some special considerations with how to start an LLC. In many cases, a sole proprietor will be considered a qualified person and will have very limited liability. The IRS calls sole proprietors "pass-through entities" because they have no legal obligations to anyone but themselves. This is one of the most important differences between a small business structure and an LLC.

How To Start An LLC - IRS

If you choose to incorporate as a C corporation, you will first need to determine whether your business structure will pass the test for being a qualified entity for tax purposes. You will then need to form an LLC which will then be filed with the IRS. The IRS has specific requirements regarding the types of initial reports it requires, so you will have to follow these steps to make sure you comply. You will have to determine the length of time you intend to stay open for operation, as well as how you intend for the LLC to transact business. This information is necessary for the entire process of how to start an LLC.


As an added complication to the process, you will also need to establish a business bank account. You can get help from the IRS website on how to open a business bank account. When you are completed with these steps, you will be ready to incorporate them. Again, consult the IRS website for more detailed information. There are forms that you will need to complete and information about how to file your state taxes. It is very easy to learn how to start an LLC.

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