How to get rid of the electrification of hair

Electrification of hair is far from the most pleasant phenomenon in hair care. It is especially sad if healthy, long hair is electrified, spoiling the hair and overall appearance. Why hair is electrified from a scientific point of view, many have known since school. But, alas, they did not teach how to get rid of this undesirable effect and what to do in this case at physics lessons. It is worthwhile to understand this issue in more detail.
Reasons for electrification.
In order to find out how to get rid of electrification, first you need to pay attention to other reasons besides known that can cause such an unpleasant phenomenon.
If the air in the room is too dry, static electricity will inevitably manifest itself, which will affect, first of all, the hair. By the way, a comb from improperly selected material can also cause such a nuisance. Therefore, it is important to maintain the humidity level at least half, or better, using auxiliary means.
Girls sometimes notice that in certain clothes the hair does not electrify. The fact is that the less synthetics in clothes, the better hair will be. By the way, it is precisely by this effect that some people check the quality of clothing material. For example, if the sweater consists mainly of natural wool, the hair is hardly electrified.
It is also better to choose a hat from natural fabrics. Moreover, in addition to static, there is an effect of friction, which can lead to brittleness and dullness of hair. Therefore, choosing a hat should always take into account the percentage of wool composition.
How to avoid electrification?
Timely hair care helps to avoid many problems and electrification including. You need to try to cut split ends in time, wash your hair and apply special masks. By the way, it is best to abandon the use of electrical appliances in the care - hairdryer, ironing and so on. Or, if this is not possible, reduce their consumption to a minimum.
How to get rid?
Modern antistatic agents are not just for clothing. There is a type of antistatic agent for hair, which has the desired effect and, in addition to minimizing electrification, will also provide hair protection. Water also helps to neutralize static charge. To help out if the hair suddenly fluffed up in the office or at an awkward moment, a regular hand cream will help. Apply it to your hair with a very thin layer. You can even just anoint your hands and until the cream is completely absorbed, run your hands through your hair.
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