How to keep promises

A promise is the consent of someone to do something or not to do something - an obligation. This is the term on Wikipedia.

 A promise is a very difficult word. It requires special attention and attitude. But what a strange thing, we simply allow ourselves not to notice it. We promise something to friends, relatives, colleagues and just acquaintances. However, everyone understands that the meaning of this word no longer manifests itself in life.

That is, it turns out that the term "promise" does not apply. “Try”, “calm down” and “lie” are more suitable for him. Is not it so? Very many people just see its significance. In order to somehow look representative in the eyes of a person who needs hope. Here! We found what it is. A "promise" can now be equated with the concept of "hope." You give it to a person, and then simply forget about everything, doing your own business.

But this is not the worst thing, sweeties.

 The worst thing is that you are also used to giving “hope” to yourself! You promise to quit smoking, quit being lazy, start studying, start studying, start working, start changing. . and how are you doing? Does everything go exactly as you planned, or is it completely impossible? And in time, how? Does it match too? Oh how. . Wow. There is something we haven’t done, right? Even at the moment.

I can tell you one thing. This must be fought. Change not only your attitude to this word, but also take action. Remind yourself what it is. How is it to have a commitment.

There is one more. We are used to thinking that for non-fulfillment of a promise, nothing will happen to us.

 Think about it. He said and did not. But really not. We invent it ourselves! Something did not - what do not love? Only seriously, never lying to yourself. Lying to yourself is the same problem as giving a promise. They are identical. You make a promise, inside understanding that you will not fulfill it. Right?

You just have to understand how serious this is. Treat everything with extreme caution and care. Do your best to fulfill all that promised to people and yourself! Warn those who owe something about what happened. It will be much more pleasant for a person to find out that you tried your best, rather than, in the end, to be denied by your indifference. Do everything in your power! And then, a bunch of useful things will wake up in you. Such as: diligence, attentiveness, caution, ability to work, sociability, friendliness, punctuality, politeness and courage.

Want to be respected? To talk about what kind of golden man are you? So I’ll tell you, it’s not so simple. It must be earned! ! Earn money! Do not be pigs! Gave the floor - do it! This is a kind of law! You give yourself an installation and must complete it! Otherwise, you can be attributed to daisies. Why to daisies? And because a person asks a question to this flower, begins to tear off the petal, asking it again and again and, in the end, gets the answer. But nothing happens. So? Although this flower did the only thing - it gave hope. But nothing happened. So are you. You are the very daisy that assents and gives the answer that is needed by the applicant, but no more.

So my dears. You need to be brave to give someone a promise and fulfill it. Only cowards and the lazy are not capable of such. And if you give a promise to YOURSELF.

 Well, there’s quite a challenge. You are a brave man! Commendable! Keep track of what you are doing and what you are saying. Work and help, once they have given the floor. Otherwise, you are a daisy.
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