Causes of Preterm Birth and Preservation of Pregnancy

When a baby is born at 24 - 37 weeks of gestation, weighs less than 2500 g, then it is believed that the woman had a premature birth, and the baby itself is called premature. A similar category of babies includes those who were born before 24 weeks and had a weight of less than 500 g, as well as those who did not survive and were born more than 500 g.

 When pregnancy ends before 24 weeks with a fetal weight of less than 500 g, they say that a miscarriage has occurred. Almost 7% of all babies are born prematurely, of which 1 week appeared before 32 weeks, and 6% - in the period 32 - 36 weeks. The main cause of preterm birth are considered to be problems with the health of the mother or fetus. If a woman carries twins, then the risk of early delivery increases.

Signs of premature birth.

The main symptom is contractions, which last more than half a minute and their frequency is 5-10 minutes per hour. Such sensations are joined by back pain and heaviness in the pelvic area. If a pregnant woman bursts a fetal bladder or starts bleeding, then this is also one of the symptoms. At the slightest sign of ill health, you should immediately go to the hospital.

Causes of premature birth.

In almost half of the cases, doctors can not fully name the cause of what is happening. Allocate general directions:

- mother’s disease;

- violation of blood supply to the uterus and placenta;

- Infectious diseases of the mother's reproductive system;

- damage to the fetal bladder;

- slowing the development of the fetus;

- An anomaly in the development of the unborn child.

Preservation of pregnancy.

Almost 1/5 of all premature babies have certain malformations. It is known that the smaller the baby’s weight at birth, there a larger percentage of children grow up with physical and mental disabilities. The reason is that premature babies have an immaturity of many organs responsible for health.

If there is a risk of premature birth, then today doctors are trying with all their might to maintain pregnancy so that the child reaches the minimum maturity. In this case, a woman is prescribed full bed rest. If the contractions nevertheless begin, then the expectant mother must necessarily go to the hospital, where they will try to stop the birth process. Preservation of pregnancy is possible only with a whole fetal bladder. If this cannot be done, then with the help of medications, doctors will help the fetal lungs prepare for independent functioning.

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