How to set up an Auto Clicker for Your Mouse

An auto clicker dog is one of many types of clicking devices used in training dogs. An auto clicker dog is a kind of macro or software that automatically performs the clicking of a trigger-click mouse on an electronic device such as a keypad or touch screen. Clickers are automatically triggered to perform recorded behavior, or generated by various environmental factors.

Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker For Your Mouse

A good example of this type of training device is the C2 Clicker, which can perform up to two clicks per second, and requires no remote intervention or training. The C2 Clicker can also be programmed to trigger on the touchpad or the mouse when it is clicked. These are just two click options among the range of features offered by an auto clicker. To learn more about the different setup options for this training equipment, please auto clicker link.

When an auto clicker begins transmitting data, it will trigger a series of events, all of which depend on the type of trigger (clicking or touching) used and the length of time the data is to be stored. The sequence of events can be as simple or complex as desired, depending on the training environment. The main window of the C2 Clicker can display the starting point and the endpoint of each transmitted cycle. Multiple clicks in succession may be displayed in the main window. All of these sequences can be customized with varying parameters.

How To Use Auto Clicker

For your training session to be optimum, you must make sure all the required events are triggered. As you begin your training with the C2 Clicker, make sure all the desired behaviors of your dog are recorded. If it starts walking forward without looking, place the clicker close enough to cause it to start moving towards you with the slightest signal. As your dog progresses in its behavior, continue to tweak the sensitivity of your auto clicker to produce varying amounts of pressure or friction. A perfect automation system will take into consideration the length of each transmission as well as the distance traveled by the dog.

When you have completely programmed your auto-clicking device to do everything automatically, test the system by triggering all desired events. Click the left mouse button whenever your dog approaches the boundary of your property and release the trigger when it crosses it. Continue to do this until your dog gets it. If you have multiple dogs, use the same trigger in different areas. Your results may vary, depending on the number of dogs and their personalities.

Tip For Using Auto Clicker

Another useful tip in maximizing the efficiency of your auto clicker setup is to set up your training sessions at a fixed point and experiment with different types of scenarios there. Make sure to set a fixed point that the clicker will not trigger before it has reached that fixed point. You may also want to experiment with different types of scenarios to see which scenario your dog reacts best to. For example, if you intend to place your dogs in a scenario where they are aggressive towards you, trigger them as soon as they start acting aggressively. Test different scenarios until you find the most efficient one for your situation.

Lastly, you may want to utilize a keyboard shortcut for activating your clicking device. This is especially helpful for new users who do not have access to their mouse clicks yet. If your keyboard shortcuts include the letters 'A' through 'Z', you can set up your auto clicker to perform its clicking actions when these letters are clicked. For example, if you type the letters 'A' through 'Z', your clicker will perform its clicking task whenever the letter 'A' is typed.


With your auto clicker set up, you are now ready to practice proper hunting techniques with your pet. Make sure that you are in a natural setting, not in a controlled enclosure. Allow your pet to wander around and have some fun. Once you have successfully taught your dog to sit, it would be beneficial to set up a similar clicking system for the left mouse button. Now that you are more familiar with the functionality of your clicking device, you can use it effectively to train your dog to behave properly within a confined space. By consistently using the main window for clicking, you can easily train your pet to perform well in any situation.

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