Six Elusive Pokemon

There are only six Pokémon left, which so far no one has managed to catch. It is unclear even where they live. So, here is a list of the rarest Pokemon: Zapdos, Ditto, Articuno, Moltres, Mew, Mewtwo. A brief description of each monster will be presented below. Perhaps it will help readers understand where to find these Pokémon.
Let's start in order with Zapdos. This Pokemon bird is surely, like Articuno, truly legendary. Its feature can be considered the ability to control electricity. Its habitats are, no matter how hard to guess, thunderclouds. From there, she gains enormous power from lightning flashes, which makes it easy to crush her enemies in battles.
Second on our list is Ditto. This animal can change its cellular structure and transform into all kinds of forms. It happens that he does it “from memory”, which leads to errors and funny situations.
Articuno is the third on the list of the rarest Pokémon. This is a beautiful blue bird, which has already become a legend among Pokemon. She owns the power of ice. The air under her wings becomes incredibly cold, which inspires horror among her enemies. It is believed when Articuno flies in the sky - after that, large and thick flakes of snow descend to the ground.
Another famous Pokemon fan base is the Moltres Pokemon Bird. She subjugates everything connected with fire. When Moltres is wounded, she plunges into the red-hot magma of the volcano, which immediately heals all her wounds, and allows her to continue to fight.
Already 5th in a row Pokemon is Mew. Legends make that he incorporates the genes of all known Pokemon. Its feature can distinguish the ability to be invisible, even when it comes very close to people.
Well, the last on our list is a Pokemon named Mewtwo. This child of genetic engineering, despite the fact that it was created by people, was deprived of compassion and a sensitive heart. Therefore, a feeling of pity is alien to him. He is unwavering with his enemies.
Where to find the legendary Pokemon?
Most likely, after the article, avid Pokemon catchers wondered: “Where to catch all these unusual and very rare animals in the game Pokemon Go?”
Unfortunately, it is impossible to accurately answer this question. However, you can notice some tips from the game developers. So in the original trailer you can see how several players met in Times Square and organized fishing on Mewtwo. Someone believes that Niantic is going to open hunting seasons, during which it will be possible to catch the legendary Pokemon. Well time will tell. Brazzers
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