How to Use GB Whatsapp - Use GB Whatsapp to Hide User Info

If you're using a popular messaging app like Google Messenger, iGoogle, or Yahoo Messenger - and you use one of those safe & secure messaging apps like iGoogle chat or Yahoo Messenger, then you should consider using the GB Whatsapp application! There's simply nothing like having your Mac in sync with your favorite Google accounts. Here's why.

Why Choose GB Whatsapp? - Protect Your Privacy 

GB Whatsapp

 Your messages are hardly safe anymore. Yes, there's no guarantee your message will be read by anyone. However, there are still possibilities that other third-party services might be picking up your messages without your consent. So, be extra careful when using GB Whatsapp or any other WhatsApp mod installed on your computer. That's because most third-party apps that have been released just to spy on people's messages do not have the privacy options and settings you'd expect from a messaging app. You can also download GB Whatsapp from here.

The main problem is this: Most of these "spy" apps are NOT FREE. They usually have to be paid for before giving you access to all their features. Even if you pay for it, these apps use your device's memory and bandwidth in violation of the safe browsing guidelines Google has set in place for Android phones (usually referred to as Android security). Furthermore, most of them run on user's data. And what's more - since most of these apps are spyware, they can collect and send personal and financial information to their creators and/or distributors. That's why GB Whatsapp has a private network tunnel that prevents such data gathering from occurring.

How can I use GB Whatsapp to hide user info? 

If you're wondering how GB Whatsapp manages to hide your info from all those ad-spiders, here's the answer: it's an android feature, so it doesn't use bare. Instead, it sends your URL (the string of numbers and symbols that make up your URL) along with your contact list to a special web address. It then uses that web address to log you into their server, where they will do all the background work for you.

This isn't the only way to prevent third-party applications from collecting information about you, though. You also have two options: Use IOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and use regular apps (android, blackberry, etc.). 

  1. Using IOS devices, you can turn off the "Shared Space" option on your device. That will stop third parties from being able to access your MySpace data on any of the apps you've installed. But if you use regular apps, just remember that some of them may still be gathering information on you, regardless of whether you've disabled "Share Space".
  2. Next, Check out the "Share Space" setting on your Android phone or tablet. If it's disabled, just tap the little "I" symbol next to the space bar. Then, touch "Disable Share Space", and move on. If you enabled "Share Space" on your IOS devices, you'll see a little menu at the top of the screen. Select it, then touch "Off".
  3. Finally, to activate the application, just tap the little sign next to the address bar. Then touch "AP", then tap "OK". You'll now be able to view your Google map location, as well as your complete profile information. If there was another detail you'd like to see, touch "View" and then touch "Save All Details".

The Bottom Line 

The changes will be applied immediately! If you had a Google Maps application on your IOS devices before the conversion process, you'll notice that it looks the same as it did before - the address label should say "New Address: 34 Broadway, New York NY", for example.

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