What Features Should I Look For in Webinar Software?

Webinar Software comes with so many handy features to enable your live digital meetings to be worth your precious time and effort. It allows changing theme colors, inserting logos, customizing email invitations, setting reminders, and the like. Before you have a look at these amazing features of webinar software, it is important to know what it is all about? Let's have a look.

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How To Choose The Right Webinar Software

Automated webinars have gained immense popularity these days for their proven track record of increasing conversions and profits. However, choosing the right webinar software is quite confusing. There are scores of webinar platforms available in the market that claim to provide automated webinars. But very few work out well, leaving people with a headache.

The main reason behind the confusion is that there are several features that webinar software offers that are not included in the free versions. Features like recording webinars, downloading files, scheduling and setting up events, and providing webinar analytics are only available with paid versions. You may come across some webinar platforms that provide the basic setup features for free and later demand for payments for various extra features. Although there are some genuine offers like free hosting, screen sharing, and analytics, these too rarely work out fine. Thus it is advisable that you check out the website's functionality before you make any payment.

Webinar Software Check In

Once you have checked the functionality, there are several other things that need to be kept in mind before zeroing in on particular webinar software. The most important thing is that the webinar software should support your event types. Different platforms support different event types, such as webinars, training courses, teleseminars, live webinars, and even podcasts. There are many different features that come in handy while conducting various types of events. For example, if you plan to conduct a webinar on product positioning then there are a few additional features that you would require to access the tool.

Another point to consider is that the webinar software must provide you with analytical tools for tracking, analyzing, and reporting. The different webinar platforms offer different ways of tracking and monitoring attendance. Some of them offer the basic tool for simple graphs and pie charts, while others include the capability of reporting statistics to every attendee. Most of the advanced tools will give you more detailed information. Besides, the reporting options should be easy to access and manage. The webinar platform must also provide easy editing capabilities, such as making comments and changing the attendee's email address or contact information.

About Webinar Software Pricings

Pricing Webinar platforms offering analytics and reporting tools are generally more expensive than the ones that do not provide these. However, there are some webinar platforms that come with advanced features for free, but charge for premium add-on tools and reporting. As mentioned above, it all depends on the complexity and number of features that are being offered by the webinar software.

Which Features Are the Most Important? 

The most important feature for a webinar host to consider is how easy it is for him/her to use and maintain the product. While many webinar platforms have dozens of add-ons, some of them can be extremely complex and difficult to use. Therefore, the best webinar platforms come with easy-to-use, simple-to-use features that make setting up an online event go smoothly and are easy to understand and navigate.


To Conclude, one last thing to keep in mind is the number of webinar events that you plan to run. If you intend to host several events simultaneously then you can use tools that automatically adjust the price per webinar. On the other hand, if you are just launching one webinar at a time, then you'll probably want to stick with an automated webinar solution that will automatically create and schedule the webinars for you. Pricing starts at about $4.00 per attendee and varies according to how complex the webinar platform is.

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